CT Inmate Search

Connecticut is a state in the northeastern United States, and the “CT” in “CT Inmate Search” signifies searching for inmates within the Connecticut prison system.

Connecticut Inmate Search By Name

CT Inmate Search

You can search for inmates in Connecticut through the official website of the Connecticut Department of Correction http://www.ctinmateinfo.state.ct.us/.

Search Hint

Inmate Number

  • This is an identification number assigned by the Connecticut Department of Correction. This number is the primary means by which the Department identifies inmates. If you know the inmate number, it is the only criteria you need to enter.

Last Name

  • An inmate’s last name is the only criteria you need to enter when you do not know the inmate number. The name lists that are returned will include inmates whose last names begin with the letters you type. For example, if you enter Rob, the search will also turn up Roberts, Robinson, Robles.

First Name

  • Once you enter the last name for the criteria, you can also enter an inmate’s first name to narrow the search. The search results will show all matches whose last name and first name begin with the letters you type.

Date of Birth

In conjunction with the inmate’s last name, an inmate’s date of birth can also be used to narrow the search. Date of birth should be entered in mm/dd/yyyy format.

General Visiting Information

Effective Monday, September 26, 2022, the Department of Correction has reinstated In-Person Social Visits at the Correctional Facilities.
Please check the specific facility webpage for visiting schedules and visiting policies.

Video visits are also available: https://portal.ct.gov/DOC/Miscellaneous/Visiting

  • Locate the Inmate
  • Get on the Approved Visiting List
  • Once You Are Approved
  • Plan Your Trip
  • Visiting the facility
  • Video Visits


How do I search for an inmate in Connecticut?

The Connecticut Department of Correction offers an online inmate search tool on their website: [http://www.ctinmateinfo.state.ct.us/]. You can search using the inmate’s last name, DOC number, or date of birth.

What information do I need to search for an inmate?

Connecticut inmate records typically include various details, including a summary of the inmate’s sentencing, conviction, bail bonds, offense, and booking information. Generally, records of inmates in state or federal correctional facilities will contain:

  • Full name, including any nicknames
  • Gender
  • Mugshot
  • Date of birth
  • Physical description
  • Booking date and projected release date
  • Charges
  • Conviction summary
  • Bail or bond amount (if applicable)

How do I Find Inmate Death Records in Connecticut?

Connecticut inmate death records are available through the state’s law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities. These reports are typically filed whenever an inmate passes away while in custody.

To obtain the documents related to an inmate’s death, individuals can visit the specific jail or prison where the detainee was held before their death. Alternatively, requesters can contact the Connecticut Department of Corrections during regular business hours. Below is the official address of the Connecticut Department of Corrections:

24 Wolcott Hill Road

Wethersfield, Connecticut 06109

Phone: (860) 692 7480

Fax: (860) 692 7780

Email: [email protected]

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